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Answer all these questions:

Name: Ksenia

Nickname: Grave

Birthday: 26 July

Gender: female

Sexuality: straight and simple =P

Height: 172 cm

Timezone: GMT +4

Time and Date: 22:44 31.08.2014

Average hours of sleep: 5-6 I think

Last thing I Googled was: dunno. I can’t remember such small details

Most used phrase(s): “ok”, “fuck”, “figure”, “loooooool” XD

First word that comes to mind: sleep =__=

Last thing I said to a family member: “Did the halberd break too soon?” (my husband is re-playing Dark Souls 2 again)

One place that makes me happy and why: most cities of Germany, actually. I love the architecture there, the gothic churches and (mostly) the music festivals. I want to go to Etropolis next year soooo much!

How many blankets do I sleep under: one

Favorite beverage: beer and tea

Last movie I saw in theaters: Guardians of the Galaxy

Something I plan on learning: ugh. That’s a painful question. There are a lot of things I would love to learn but I can’t find any practical use for any of them. Like, I can spend lots of time and money and learn Japanese but for what? So I can watch anime without subs like a true weaboo? Same with Deutch, photography, journalism, design. I highly doubt any of those will help me pay my bills and I have way too many time and money consuming hobbies and fun but not well-payed side-jobs already (see how much sleep I get above, lol)

Piece of advice to my followers: Never regret your actions, however horrible they may be. Learn and move on, and never look back.

You all have to listen to this song: Assemblage 23 - Otherness ( youtube vid ) Since almost everyone knows how much I love VNVN by now, so I’d be original here. Tom Shear is an amazing musician and that’s a great track. =3

And I don’t really know whom to tag… ok, let it be tainted-knight, reinkedevos and ksheeire (they at least have a chance of actually reading me). But anyone willing to burn some time (and up for some soulstrip (c)) is welcome! =3

Ferding some ramen to my #persona3 #akihiko #kyunchara #figure #anime #toy

Ferding some ramen to my #persona3 #akihiko #kyunchara #figure #anime #toy


Hello, dear followers!

As some of you know, one of my pet peeves is reading a book (or watching a TV show, or movie) and catching a character bring up Tarot cards and display their meanings incorrectly. Drawing XII: Death does not mean you’re going to die, that’s silly. I have rambled about it in the past. But I thought, I keep telling people what the cards DON’T mean, but have I done anything to educate people on the Tarot? No. So, I thought I would change that! :D

Above you will find a photoset of the Major Arcana, and their general meanings. This is just a cheat-sheet, that is why I have decided to exclude the Minor Arcana (it also happens to be like 50+ cards) and the Reversed meanings (because they tend to be pretty straight forward except for a few exemptions). In the future I may make a longer post with a more detailed explanation c;

So, what is the Tarot?

Tarot is a deck of playing cards, made of two sets. The Major Arcana, which is what most people associate with the Tarot, and The Minor Arcana (from which the modern playing card deck evolved).

Over the centuries (particularly the 18th century) the use of the deck shifted, and nowadays the deck is used as a tool for divination, or as a tool of encouragement. The use of universal symbols such as: the father (The Emperor), the mother (The Empress), the young man (The Fool), natural change (Death), temptation (The Devil), etc, allow people to tackle their life problems from a greater point of view.

Regardless of this, the Tarot is commonly seen in books, television, and movies, as an occult tool for obtaining guidance from a greater power, or for gaining insight into the near future.

DISCLAIMER: The above are just general meanings behind the symbolism of every card. Additionally the cards are open to interpretation, the above are the meanings I have come to associate with them over the years. Do not take these meanings as gospel, they are just my interpretations. If you would like to learn more, there are plenty of resources! Here, and here are two good places to start :D

Also, the images you see are from this nifty website. You can find more Tarot decks and information there~ ♥︎

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hamuko senpai…..„„„,  (*´Д`*)


hamuko senpai…..„„„,  (*´Д`*)


Magician boys, Hanged girls


Magician boys, Hanged girls

#mylittlepony #brony ramen XD

#mylittlepony #brony ramen XD



These are not mine but I wanted to bring them together!  






1980s Workplace Computer Precautions

This is like an AOL Acid Trip.

mum’s the password

радио #тлен #вднх #ввц #Moscow #instamsk #instamood #instagood #industrial

радио #тлен #вднх #ввц #Moscow #instamsk #instamood #instagood #industrial