Also, I believe I developed taste for dark electronic music after playing Baroque.
One of the best game OSTs I ever heard.

Ahaha, come to think of it - Demons Souls were first published by Atlus, too.
Those guys have an eye for weird amazing games. =3

I have insomnia and I’m sick and I have too much to do.
Time to post BAROQUE fanart. My favorite dead distorted world.
Another deep and sick game published by Atlus
(art’s not mine, found it sowhere a lot of time ago)

I have insomnia and I’m sick and I have too much to do.
Time to post BAROQUE fanart. My favorite dead distorted world.
Another deep and sick game published by Atlus
(art’s not mine, found it sowhere a lot of time ago)

God I want to write some Eurodance \ Happy Hardcore. But I’m several decades late. D=

I believe forgiveness is the key to your unhappiness
I believe that wedded bliss negates the need to be undressed
I believe that God does not endorse TV evangelists
I believe in love surviving death into eternity

I believe in Karma what you give is what you get returned
I believe you can’t appreciate real love until you’ve been burned
I believe the grass is no more greener on the other side
I believe you don’t know what you’ve got until you say goodbye

I believe there was amazing pop-music back in the 90s.
And I miss Savage Garden.


I finished listening to Transnational this morning. I think it started off really great but it kind of leveled off after Teleconnect pt. 1. I think it’d be amazing live; it has some really driving beats in the first part. Tracks 3-5 are great. Still hoping Carry You is part of the setlist, even though it’s from Judgment. Then again, from what I’m reading, Illusion is part of the setlist, and would they bring out any more material from Judgment than they needed? (I prefer Carry You to Illusion…) I still need to hear Automatic. It’s not on Spotify, but I have it downloaded.

Although Ronan’s vocals are not the best (I think he is too flat and harsh) the band’s aesthetic and message are awesome. These guys invented futurepop, didn’t they? So they kinda created that whole post-apocalyptic feel most of it has.

The chemical problem in the United States is extremely worrying. We had an issue where they had to recall over 75,000 pounds of chicken nuggets because there was a chance of finding plastic in them. (It was from a scraper in a blending machine.) One of the chains here, Subway, is removing a tire rubber chemical from its bread. Also, there are other issues like “pink slime,” candida, high-fructose corn syrup, etc. It’s so gross. Eating organic is really expensive and not a large force in areas like mine (in NYC you’re much more likely to find natural and organic ingredients, but where I live you need to look, though it’s fine to find homegrown fruits and vegetables because we have a good deal of farmer’s markets, and I live in the country) so it’s easier to just grab something that’s bad for you, and for less money.

I think people east of the US are far more in tune to music as a way of life, and the arts in general, than we are. Music is a way to bond, but over here, outside of subcultures, it seems to be just another way to entertain one’s self outside of clubs. American music has been suffering from a case of samey syndrome for quite a while. We’re getting more dance/electro elements in our music with time but the lyrics are so vapid. Same old shit dressed up in a handful of ways. I have never raved. We have raves at anime conventions, but even as recently as a year ago, I was a lot shyer than I am now. And I’m still quite shy. Near Zenkaikon next weekend is an industrial party called Shadowland. I want to go so badly but I’m only 20. So I’d like to do it next year if the timing is right.

Don’t worry about looking the part as much as appreciating the music. Goth is a way of life, and the fashion is only a small part of it. You seem to care a lot more about the music which is a good thing. Not everything needs to be black and mopey. Your hair is nice! I love Zelenin (kind of obvious from my username haha) and you’re practically her spitting image so I think you’re really pretty and you shouldn’t complain. c: Mine is brown, but I dye it very dark brown/black because I can’t bleach it. I straighten mine very frequently (it’s naturally extremely curly) I tried pink highlights once, and when I bleached my hair it became like straw. I couldn’t do it to my whole head. I also can’t dye my hair bright colors (I want to dye it pink, blue, or green so badly!!) due to my job. Perhaps when I move out of the area, and I get a behind-the-scenes design job or freelance.

No! Emoticons are fine. Be as expressive as you need.

Transnational is good, but sounds a bit secondary, like some kind of sequel to Automatic. And Automatic is better, I think. Even though I love tracks Everything, If I was and Off Screen, Nova, Space & Time Resolution still impress me more. So if you liked Transnational, Automatic should be awesome.

Considering playlists - it’s really hard to tell what’s gonna be played. Illusion and Perpetual are classic, VNV play them every time. New stuff is a must too. Other tracks are a mystery. Which is good, I think - I don’t like when bands play one and the same set through the whole tour.

And yeah, I heard that VNV firt came up with the term “futurepop”. That’s kinda the reason I got to know the band. I was in Germany in 2011 and saw a concert coming and I was like “those guys are cool, they invented futurepop, I should check em out”. Aaand I just fell in love with those guys. And yeah, I’m actually a such a n00b.

Oh holy crap. Guess no more sandwiches from Subway for me. D= Sadly, trying to eat healthy seems to be goddamn expensive everywhere. Harsh climat in Russia makes matters even worse - you can buy vegetables for cheap only a couple of months a year. And cooking feels like such a bother most of the time… but it’s not like there is much choice.

I’m afraid it’s not a matter of country or mentality, it may be a problem of our time. Lyrics, movies, even literature is getting more and more shallow. People’s attention span gets shorter and most don’t want to think or feel, they just want to be entertained. And pop music seems the same everywhere - skimpy-clad gals and “cool” guys singing how great they are and how they should get toghether. Maybe that’s why futurepop was born - because pop-singers don’t dare to dream of a future anymore, like they tried nearly two decades ago…

Awww thanks!! #^^#

But yeah, bleaching hair is a pain - mine don’t take it too good either. And with each year and each time the amount of cosmetics and vitamins I need to take to reduce the damage seems to double. Straightening your hair all the time sounds hard, too… I love curls, they’re so cute and fluffy! But I guess we all love what we don’t have. ^^” Crazy hair colors and tattoos are a dream to me. Finding the job with those seems hard, so it’s kinda unreachable. Good luck with getting a cool creative job that will allow you to rock any look! Just don’t get too busy - design jobs can be really demanding.



Cover and colored pages from the SMTIV anthology =3

oh man isn’t that the 3DS game we don’t have in Europe?

It is D= BUT NOTHING CAN STOP ME GROM PLAYING MEGATEN That’s why I have a US 3DS here in Russia and now have to order all my games by mail. And it’s a world of trouble. Why the region lock, Nintendo, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?! T__T
Возможно,  мой любимый нелепый труп в #darksouls2 :-D

Возможно, мой любимый нелепый труп в #darksouls2 :-D